14″ Square Patio Planter

14″ Square Planter with a Canna Lily in the center, two Geraniums and four assorted trailers


13″ Round Patio Planter

13″ Round Patio Planter with 2 Geraniums, 1 Dracena spike or Juncas in the middle, with 3 assorted trailers.


13″ Mixed Hanging Basket

13″ Mixed Basket with one Dracena or Juncas center, two Geraniums and three assorted trailers!


12″ Mixed Hanging Basket

Mixed 12″ Hanging Basket with three cuttings


24″ Window Box

24″ Window box assorted cuttings.


14″ Garden Mums

Outdoor garden Mum with 3 cuttings. Perfect for the front porch, back yard or garden!